We are a corporation with more than 27 years providing service to Latin America dental industry. As a family business owners with years of experience in dental practice we understand and know closely the needs of the dental industry and the importance of being your strategic and close ally more than just a commercial one.

Since 2015 we expanded our business by opening Ace Dental Supplies operations in South Florida with the purpose of providing the best quality service and products on dental market. Given our strategic location and using the best carrier options, we ensure that our large stock is available and on time for our direct customers and wholesalers. It is our goal to optimize our customer service and delivery times throughout the country.

For us it is important to satisfy our costumers needs by providing the best products and equipment in a wide variety of brands with reasonable prices, thus guaranteeing the result of the valuable work in each patient who is treated in dental practice.

At Ace Dental Supplies we are proud of our work, and we take care to be continuously improving for you. We want to keep our customers for an exceptionally long time.



To be the nationwide leading company in dental supplies and medical devices guaranteeing optimal service to our customers.



To be the best dental supplies and medical devices sales and distribution alternative understanding dental market needs and offering new technologies, innovation and quality brands achieving a close relationship with our clients.