Flexible Composite Placement by Indusbello



Composite resin spatula designed with special tips that facilitate the procedure according to the professional’s needs.

• Lightness and variety of tips
• The resin does not adhere to the spatula


INDICATION: To reconstruct the dental crown giving back its form and function.

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Take the composite resin to the patient’s tooth. The resin can be adapted, shaped and sculpted using the Composite

CLEANING: The organic matter removal must be performed in ultrasonic cleaner, using enzymatic soap (minimum three enzymes) in
dilution recommended by the manufacturer. After washing it in running water, observe presence of residues, and repeat the process if necessary.
If any residues is left, remove it manually.

DISINFECTION: 10 minutes in 0.2% per-acetic acid solution.

STERILIZATION: Should be done by autoclave at a temperature of 121°C up to 135°C (249’8°F up to 275°F), observing the manufacture’s
autoclave instructions manual. Repeat the process for each use.

STORAGE: Keep the product in a designated and closed cabinet protected from dust and insects.

COMPOSITION: Stainless steel anodized aluminum, stainless steel with titanium nit ride coating; nontoxic silicone. Synthetic bristles in the
nº spatula 5 brush.

PRECAUTION: Sterilize the product before use. Do not touch the product at autoclave’s inner wall.

EXPIRY DATE: 05 years from manufacturing date in a non-violated package. Products durability depends on how it is handled. Mishandling
it and incorrect sterilization may reduce its useful life. Check the products condition before using it and replace it when observing any damages.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A



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