Fotoplus Instruments by TDV

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Fotoplus TDV

Instrument made to reduce the risk of marginal leakage


Instrument for condensation and polymerization of composites

Developed to condense composites preventing cervical marginal leakage in Class II restorations

Features and Benefits

– Translucent instruments that allows to light cure through the tips while is hold under pressure
– Reduces the stress and shrinkage suffered by the composites, eliminating the risk of bubble formation, reducing the possibility of marginal infiltration
– 2 instruments, 4 different tips, attending many clinical situations
– Does not adhere to the composites
– Autoclave

Code Description

TDV 4201 Fotoplus – 2 instruments to condense composites

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 1 × .5 × 5 in