Opus Bulk Fill Refill APS by FGM

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Opus Bulk Fill APS

Light-curing composite with low shrinkage stress.

Practicality and agility: filling of cavities of up to 5 mm including the occlusal surface.

Opus Bulk Fill APS is a bulk-fill composite for class I and II direct restorations on posterior teeth. allows large increments (up to 5mm)


    Longer working time: Under ambient light, long enough to sculpt the restoration at once.
    Efficiency and Agility: Single fill composite
    Great curing depth: Possibility of increments up to 5mm.
    Greater opacity: The composite has sufficient translucency to allow a good depth of cure and becomes more esthetic and opaquer after Light-cured.
    High mechanical strength: Approximately 79% of mass fillers.
    Shade Predictability: Minimal change in visual shade from before to after Light-Cured.


  •  Direct restorations in posterior teeth (permanent or deciduous) in increments of up to 5 mm,
    including the occlusal surfaces.
  •  Basis for direct restorations.
  •  Repair of small enamel defects.
  •  Repair of temporary materials in acrylic and resin.


Package: 1 Syringe with 4g, available in the shades: A1, A2 and A3.  Or
Package: 20 caps of 0,2g, available in the shades: A1, A2 and A3.
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A1, A2, A3