VPS Peakosil Putty – Putty by Neosil

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peakosil V.P.S. Vinyl Polysiloxane Silicone Type: A

V.P.S. Heavy Body

VPS Impression Material, Super Hydrophilic.

Regular Set

Work Time 1:00 min , Set Time 4:00 min,

Brand: neosil

Color: Azul

Packaging: – 560 ml  (280 ml base +280 ml catalyst)

Hardness: Shore A 70

Viscosity: Heavy body (very high)

■ Not sticky. Its viscosity is suitable for mixing it with bare hands
■ Patient does not feel any repulsion because it has no taste and odor
■ After hardened, very hard to minimize negative deformation during impression
■ High affinity with plaster enables detailed modeling.
 Dissimilar to putties of other manufacturers



Class and Type

Putty Putty